Welcome to AccountAbility gb Ltd providing focussed

high quality Personal & Business Accounting, Taxation and Business Advice at rates smaller businesses can afford.


AccountAbility are friendly local, Leicester based Chartered Accountants providing Accounting, Business Advice and Taxation Services to both individuals, and businesses of all types in

Leicester and the Leicestershire area.


AccountAbility gb Ltd was formed here in Leicester in 2001 and for over 10 years our qualified and experienced staff have been  providing a high quality accountancy service at an affordable rate to our many different customer types.







Limited  Companies


For Individual clients Accountability offer personalised help and assistance

with many different types of personal financial management. We are pleased

to advise on the annual tax-returns of clients to minimize, where appropriate, tax liabilities and manage their submission in a timely and effective manner

to avoid late penalties. Where we are not authorised to provide specific types

of financial advice we have links with other professionals who can do so.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


•  HMRC Annual Tax Returns

•  Personal Tax Advice

•  General Financial Planning



For Sole Traders, Accountability reassuringly provides the necessary support services to the business entity to report the appropriate  figures for tax liabilities. It can also offer a detached yet experienced overview on the trading performance of the business and where simple management changes or better systems might help improve selected aspects of the financial entity.

Please call us to discuss your requirements.

•  Financial Systems

•  Financial Reporting

•  Trading Reviews


For partnerships Accountability offers a range of helpful, cost effective and appropriate financial review , management and support services to help ensure the partnership meets its HMRC requirements. Our business experience gained from many different types of trading entities enables us to offer intelligent but focussed advice to your business on opportunities to improve financial control and systems.  Please call us to discuss your requirements.

•  Financial Systems

•  Financial Reporting

•  Trading Reviews

Limited Companies

Accountability provides a wide range of Companies Act services to the shareholders and financiers of Limited Companies of many different sizes. As registered Auditors we can fulfil compliance requirements.

We can help with budgeting , cash-flow forecasting, break-even analysis and strategic planning. We use our skills to help you make a success of your business. Please get in touch to discuss how we might help.

•  Audit and Assurance

•  Companies Act Accountancy

•  Tailored Business Services

•  Value For Money

•  Flexible Intelligent Approach